"Hand Towel Bib"

A hand towel bib is part of the "kitchen gadgets." As parents have become more and more conscious of how important it is for babies to wear bibs, like a towel bib, terry bibs, crochet baby bib and more, they have been seeking advice in order to make practical choices.

Most babies drool, or spit often. A great cloth protector is a bib. It is very important to have bibs handy.

I never leave my house without having a bib in my diaper bag and another bib in my stroller basket. I use it all day long. My habit is to change them often so baby always looks clean.

Just to make sure that your baby is comfortable, try not to use big bibs. The bibs should always be the right size.

Bibs are most of the time made out of a fluffy terry so it is easier to wipe baby's face. The towel shouldn't be a rough one.

The closure

0-8 months the velcro closure is fine. From 9 months and on, the baby becomes smarter and starts pulling the bib. Velcro opens easily so try to buy a bib with snaps.

Feeding a infant/toddler is exciting and fun depends how you do it, and the tools you use.
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